31 May 2014

Summer Break!

Hello everyone! 

Here I am, as promised, with a run down of what's happening with the blog (and FingerFood in general) during June. 

I've explained the reasons behind this in other posts, so I won't bore you all with it again but I have designated June my month off as far as the blog goes. I will be posting for Digit-al Dozen week and I will also be posting my four manis for The Nail Challenge Collaborative on here, but that's going to be about it. 

Other than that, if I paint something I like, or I find a new polish that I just have to share, they'll be on one of the more "instant gratification" sites, like IG or Facebook. I'm starting a new job outside of the nail world next week and will be spending some of the blog time off looking to find a new way of doing the "nail thing" that leaves me time for a life outside of work and nails. I'm also going on holiday (which I need desperately) and cannot remotely be arsed with sorting guest posts or painting far enough ahead to schedule posts in.

Depressing though all that sounds, I am doing a little better than I have been and I know that I'm not done with the aforementioned "nail thing" which is a relief, but I'm really looking forward to having the pressure off (and working things out so that it doesn't pile back on!)!

Having said that, there is a website in the works. I'm too lazy to write a book! At the beginning the blog was a way for me to keep up with my nail art "journey", but it doesn't really work as a reference for designs, techniques and tutorials etc, so I started putting something a little more user-friendly together a while ago. It is a long term project, but this time off will allow me to iron out some wrinkles in the site build, and to start looking at potential sponsors as well as bloggers for the interview feature.

So, I hope you all bear with me and that you all have a wonderful June! I'll still be keeping an eye on what you're all up to, and if you'd still like to keep up with my June nails outside of DD or the NCC (and possibly some photos of our holiday antics - usually involving Scarlett's favourite toy, Bun), I'll see you over on IG :)

I'll leave you with a lazy sponged gradient that I took off this morning, just before I cut all my nails down to nubs (as you can see, a couple of corners had lost the will to live). They will be getting a month of TLC using all my favourite Jessica products - and there's a future post right there!

Sam xx


  1. hugs hugs and more hugs xx

  2. Good luck! I hope this coming month brings the rest you deserve! :)

  3. Have a great holiday all the best for job. Wish u all the best. Keep posting on ur social media. I follow u every where ☺

  4. Can't wait to see your new project. And the gradient is gorgeous!

  5. And finally I get to a point where I can catch up on blogs anyway... I hope you're able tor rest and recharge and come back swinging next round - can't wait to see the new project either!