20 Mar 2014

GOT Polish "Ruffle", NAILS Mag 31DC "Dotting Tool" and "A New Technique" (a couple of days early!)

Hello everyone! Today I am combining three prompts into one. I was hoping to get four out of it, but realized that it was going to be a little tricky to cover "Untrieds" in with "only polishes over a year old". Once my brain accepted defeat on that one, I settled on my older polishes for the "Ruffle" prompt, you have to use a dotting tool to create the design, and as its a new technique, it covers the NAILS Mag prompt for Saturday too!

I started with a white base to help the colours hold, and then dotted on lines of (from base to free edge) Rimmel Sunshine, Barry M Gelly Satsuma, LA Colors Absolute, Jessica Purple Burst, LA Colors Edgy, Barry M Gelly Blackberry, Blue Grape, Guava, Greenberry and Key Lime. Finished with Seche Vite.

I can't say that this is my favourite look, but I flung in as many colours as I possibly could, so its bright and "in your face" if nothing else! Its a simple technique and can be made more or less complicated by using a smaller or larger dotting tool.

Tomorrow's prompt is stamping - I might try and be bothered, but I have a few other manis lined up for you if I really can't face it! Can you tell I'm not a fan? ;) It looks lovely, but I would much prefer to paint :D At the very least, I promise to think about it...

Sam xx


  1. I think these are awesome!
    Maybe do something that involves stamping and freehand for the prompt, like taking a simple stamp design, and expanding on it somehow? Or a skittle mani?
    I really should do more freehand stuff than I do these days, I just find I'm normally too tired by the end of the day! xx

    1. I will try at some point, promise! If I find myself feeling uber zen one day and I have no other nails to do I am going to sit down and give it a proper go lol xx

  2. Absolutely LOVE this manicure! It's not often you get to see so many bold colours in one manicure, I love it!

    1. Thanks Emily! I think my new motto is "can't decide on which colours to use - use them all!" :)