26 Feb 2014

FingerFood's Guest Posts - Dawn from SassyLittleNails

Hello everyone! Today's guest post comes from my blogging friend Dawn from SassyLittleNails. I'm always excited when I see a new post pop up from Dawn as her designs are always very detailed and beautifully painted, so I was thrilled when she offered to guest post. Dawn also runs a Nail Art challenge that raises awareness for different charities each month - click here to join her group. Enjoy! Sam xx

Hello my lovely friends.
I hope you are all well and good.
I was kindly asked by my friend blogger Sam at fingerfoodnails to do a Guest post on her blog while she is having to deal with this dreadful weather and floods! 
I wish Sam and everyone who is suffering with this awful weather well and that things will get back to normal ASAP.be safe and keep warm. 
I have never guest posted before so when Sam asked me I jumped at the chance to help out and also thought it makes a nice change for me too!
For those of you who do not know me or my blog I am Dawn from the UK I love nail art and beauty my blog is SassyLittleNails click HERE for my link.

I have a fun nail art today.
The famous comic Hero Superman!!
I grew up watching the Superman films my favourite being the 80s starring the late Christopher Reeve what a man he was.

The items I used for this superhero!
  • 2True Salon Shine polish in Jessie.
  • MUA polish in Koala Bear.
  • Rimmel Brit polish in Brit Blue.
  • Technic clear top coat.
  • Disney nail art pen in Red.
  • Technic nail art pen in White.
  • Marker pens in Yellow & Black.
I used the 2True polish as a base for the first finger and the ring finger.
I then used the Rimmel polish as a base on the thumb and little finger.
Applied the MUA polish on the middle finger and once dry I went over the Gray with the White nail art pen and painted a white shirt then I used the marker pen in black once the white was dry and outlined the shirt and drawn a tie with stripes.
The thumb I applied a white base in the middle for the logo then I used the yellow nail art pen and outlined the S shape went over the shape with the red nail art pen then when dry I outlined it all with the Black marker.
I took the marker in black and drawn a glasses frame then used the MUA and White nail pen and did a shade on the lens applied a top coat and all done!

I hope you all liked my Guest post today.
I enjoyed doing it :)
Don't forget to check back for more posts shortly.
Thanks for stopping by please follow my blog if you haven't already.
Be safe and well.

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