8 Feb 2014

February Indie spotlight - TarasTalons from The Tara Emporium

Hello everyone! As promised, I'm keeping up with my promise to get more involved with the Indie Polish scene and swatch at least one indie maker whose polishes I couldn't resist each month.

I couldn't let this month pass without buying from the lovely Tara and her Emporium. She makes the most gorgeous polishes and has such a huge selection of colours and finishes, I didn't know where to start! As a result I spent a long time in the Etsy shop deliberating, and to avoid drooling on my new laptop, I opted for a grab bag of 4 mini polishes and let Tara choose for me :)

The polishes arrived individually wrapped in brightly coloured tissue paper and bubble wrap - and I opened each one like a little birthday present (as they happened to arrive on my birthday too!). 

The first one I opened was Popping Candy. Its a pinky lilac with a reflective blue flash and a generous sprinkling of darker pink glitter. Definitely one for me with my sweet tooth! I'm not a lover of pinky colours as a rule, but there is so much going on in this polish I love it!

The next up was Holo Dolly - I was so happy to get a holo (and am already planning to go back for more!)! This one is a deep blue holo polish that glides on beautifully. It also has blue micro glitter to add even more depth to this lovely polish.

Next up is I Have No Idea. A limited edition glitter topper full of large blue hex shapes, smaller grey and green hex shapes and creamy yellow dots. I usually struggle with this kind of glitter topper as the shapes are sometimes hard to get to, but there are simply so many shapes packed into this mini bottle that I had no problem at all. I layered it over Color Club East Austin for some extra contrast.

Last but definitely not least, we have Goldmine. On first inspection I though it was a simple glitter but once I layered it over black I realized that there was a lot more to it than that! It has gold glitter in different shades, shapes and sizes in a black base, but it really does remind me of the walls of a gold mine, with all the glittering, metallic goodness showing through :)

So in case you hadn't quite picked up on it, I've become a instant fan of Tara's Talons with this purchase and am already planning my next one. I'm going to be a big girl and pick my own next time though... ;)

Sam xx


  1. These are great colors! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you Anne! I've found yet another brand to help me spend my disposable income each month lol!

  2. These all look fab on you! I have quite a few TT's myself - I even have the polish club subscription, it's like birthday presents every month :) x

    1. Thanks hun! I've been tempted by a few different subscriptions already and its only Feb! As I can't do all of them, I'm working my way through one indie maker per month and then I'll pick my favourites and probably end up signing up to all of them anyway lol! xx