2 Jan 2014

Walking in a Nails Inc Wonderland (Part 3)

Hello everyone! Now all of the festivities are out of the way for a few weeks (I have my birthday at the beginning of Feb - it takes the edge off the Xmas comedown), I can finish up the swatches of my Nails Inc Nail Polish Diary. It would appear that I have zoomed through all of their polishes within a week when they intended that they should last me a year - keep up Nail Inc!!! ;)

The last four polishes that I have for you are more effects polishes and are all beautiful, but I will say now that each and every one of them was a b*tch to remove. Especially the feathery ones - they have a special place in acetone hell for leaving their little glittery trail everywhere, so I would find one hiding in a cuticle when least expected (like when I was taking a picture of a completely unrelated polish two days later!).

Having said that, let's start with the "Feathers" effect polish, Chester. I layered it over a pale yellow to show off all its lovely spring-like colours. It makes me think of fluffy chicks and Easter, and therefore chocolate, which can never be a bad thing.

Next up is the Fibre Optic Belgravia Place. More feathery stuff to deal with, but a gorgeous combination of red, silver and holo silver feathers - super eye catching:

This next one is probably my least favourite of the whole diary, which is a real shame because its named after the part of London my family is from. Firstly, its not my colour and secondly, it was very hard to get an even spread with the glitter pieces. However, here is the "Sprinkles" polish, Fulham Palace Gardens:

Last but not least, I have the "Galaxy" effect polish, Knightsbridge Road. I layered it over black to get a good look at the colours, and there is a LOT of gold.  It has some nice depth to it, and there are a few larger gold holo (and a few other colour) pieces in there that flash different colours when they catch the light. It was almost full coverage with one coat too, which is all I added here:

So there you have all the polishes I received in my Xmas diary. My parents chose well :) I'm getting back to nail art now so normal service will be resumed shortly. I have enjoyed doing a little bit of swatching though and I still have some OPI, more Nails Inc and some polishes from Tesco (which I am very surprised to say are actually brilliant!) to try out, so they will probably filter in amongst the nail art as the month goes on :)

Sam xx


  1. Son todos preciosos, el galaxy es increible, pero me he enamorado del primer esmalte que nos has enseƱado, que dulce

  2. Chester looks really cute! I have Belgravia Place and Knightsbridge Road but I haven't tried them out yet... I think it might be time to get them out of the untrieds bin :)

    1. Definitely! Just be prepared to have little bits of Belgravia Place following you around for a few days afterwards :)