24 Jan 2014

NAILS Magazine 31DC catch up post - Metallic and Stripes

Hello everyone! Today is another catch up post for the NAILS Magazine 31DC and I managed to cover two prompts in one mani! 

I have the complete collection of LA Colors Metallics so decided to put them to good use with some ombre stripes.

I painted each nail in a different colour starting with Metallic Silver on my pinkie, then Metallic Pink, Metallic Purple, Metallic Blue and finally Metallic Green on my thumb. Once dry, I taped off the stripes and went over the metalllic polishes with two coats of Black Velvet before carefully removing the tape and finishing with Seche Vite.

I love the effect of the metallics shining through the black, and I'm happy that my indecision made me use five different metallic colours too!

This is the mani that is going to see me through the weekend and I'm going to be sad to have to change it on Sunday, but onwards and upwards! So many challenges, so little time (and not enough nails!)!

Sam xx


  1. love this manicure , and i am glad to find your blog and become follower! have a nice day !