22 Jan 2014

NAILS Mag 31DC Day 22 - Accent Nail

Hello everyone! I have a very quick post for you today as I have been unbelievably busy with real life (meh!). The prompt for today is "Accent Nail" so I took the opportunity to try out some new Orly polishes that I won in a Christmas Nail Art competition!

For the four plain nails I painted three coats of Orly Pink Waterfall and then added a coat of Orly Pixie Powder before topping with Seche Vite. For the accent nail, I painted three coats of French White and added roses using the Orly Pink Waterfall, French White and LA Colors Edgy and the leaves using LA Colors Mint, Revlon Sassy and Sinful Colors Exotic Green. I finished with Seche Vite.

These Orly colours are beautiful, there is another one in the set, but I'll save that one for another day.

Its strange, but to me these nails look plain! I'm so used to full-on nail art that an accent nail seems very understated! I do really like this look though, so will try and incorporate it more often, especially when time pressure is on!

I have some more manis from this challenge on the way (another catch up post so I'm not posting more than once a day unless absolutely necessary!), and plenty of other nail art from other current challenges. Not all of the manis from this challenge will get their own post though, so if you would like to see them, hop on over to Instagram or Facebook to have a look :)

Sam xx  

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