13 Jan 2014

Belle Glamour Polish Review

Hello everyone! Today I have something a little different for you! As stated in my list of New Year intentions (note that I didn't say resolutions!), I promised more swatches and to look at some indie polishes. I'm pleased to say that it starts now!

Today I am reviewing four polishes from Belle Glamour. They all arrived after fantastic service from the lovely Catriona, all individually wrapped and labelled in bubble wrap and tissue paper. I ordered four 5ml bottles to start with and selected a variety of colours and finishes.

I'm going to start with Chocolate Kiss, a light pastel brown with a purple-ish tinge, but it is like looking at chocolate milk on your nails and I loved the colour, so rich and luxurious. The formula is thick enough that it is opaque after one coat (although I painted two because I'm like that), but still easy to work with. I can definitely see myself using this polish in nail art, but its also a great stand alone colour.

Next up, we have the Limited Edition polish, Bluebelle. This is an eye catching deep blue with a sprinkling of holo hex glitter that helps create an instant jelly sandwich effect. I found the formula on this one a little harder to work with, and it took four coats to get it opaque, but the glitter was easy to manipulate in the thinner formula and it was worth perservering for the finished result as you can see from the photos:

The third polish is called Splatter Bomb - no prizes for guessing why! There is so much multi coloured glitter packed into this creamy white polish that it is almost opaque and fully glitter bombed with just one coat! Again, I went for two, but it didn't need a base colour and there aren't many glitter polishes that you can say that about! Considering how much glitter there is crammed into it, the polish went on surprisingly smoothly (the brushes are a great help with this) and the finish evened out beautifully with a layer of top coat.

 Last but not least is my favourite of the four, a blue holo polish called Wave. Omg I love this! The holo effect is subtle but is definitely there, and the colour is a beautiful marine blue that has a very subtle green tone. Very rock and roll mermaid! Two coats to get it fully opaque, although I probably could've got away with one and it was so easy to work with. I can't find a bad word to say about this one at all - its fab.

So, I was very happy with all my selections from Belle Glamour, but I have to say that Wave (the holo) was my standout colour, closely followed by Chocolate Kiss. I loved the colour and formula on those two, so I can safely say that I will be going back for more pastels and holos :)

So there you have my first Indie review - who else do you think I should check out? Let me know :)

Sam xx

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