31 Dec 2013

The Nail Challenge Collaborative presents "Inspired by Art" #4

Phew! I made it. I managed to complete my fourth and final mani for this month's challenge on the last day!

I went for something simple (but topical!) and did something similar to Damien Hirst's Arachidonic Acid series. It was the perfect opportunity for a dotticure and to cram as many colours into a mani as humanly possible! I will try and add in a list of polishes used later, but there isn't a repeat in there. Unfortunately, Scarlett decided to "tidy" the polishes I'd left on my desk before I could note down which ones I used and my brain hurt just thinking about trying to figure out a few of them!

Here's a snap of one of the originals:

So, that's the NCC manis finished for 2013. I am so happy to have joined them this year and have had a lot of fun (and occasionally a little frustration!) with the themes, but I can't wait to get started on our "Inspired by a Tutorial" theme for January :)

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