30 Oct 2013

33DC Day 17 - A mani using your favourite brand

Hello again everyone! Today we are officially over the halfway hump with the 33 Day Challenge, and I can honestly say that its flying by far quicker than many other challenges that I've worked on! Today's prompt is for a mani using your favourite brand of polish. This came down to a choice of two for me - Jessica is the brand that started my nail polish obsession and set me on the road that I am on today, but since I've been working on nail art almost every day, Jessica isn't the most cost effective brand! 
I spotted LA Colors in my local beauty store for a mere 99p a bottle and bought a few of their super vibrant neons to see how the quality was. A love affair started that day! I have about 100 of their polishes now and they are my staple nail art brand. I tend to use their black and/or white in almost all of my manis so they had to be included!

I started with a base of French White and waited for that to dry before adding sections of Black Velvet and Red Carnation with a striping brush. I then separated the sections with fine lines of Metallic Silver and finished with Seche Vite.

I was pleased that I got to do a "marbley" abstract and got to use my favourite brand to do it. I'm also looking forward to the next prompt, which is for a mani featuring 2 patterns. I'll be back on Friday with that mani, and will have my final Tri Polish mani for October for you tomorrow. Phew! Busy week... :)

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