26 Mar 2013

Crumpet's Nail Tarts Tri Polish Challenge - March Day 3

Hello again! And welcome and thank you to all the new readers! We've reached the third day of the Tri Polish Challenge :) Looking through all the beautiful nails posted on blogs and in the Facebook group has given me so much inspiration. I have lots of new looks to work with and try out! 
I love the fact that only having three colours to work with means you have to push the creative side to get out 4 completely different looks...

For my March manis, I started with a leopard print and followed it up with an abstract (if in doubt, abstract works!). I was looking at my three colours (Revlon Siren, Color Club Edie and Pucci-licious) and for some reason was reminded of holidays at the seaside when I was a kid and teh lurid striped deckchairs set out along the sand. Don't worry too much, my mind goes down some strange roads, but usually finds its way back eventually ;) 

So, stripes it is then. I used the extra "allowed" colours of black and silver (LA Colors Black Velvet and Metallic Silver), and used a striper brush to layer on the stripes over a base of Rejuvacote, topped off with Seche Vite...

The tidy up wasn't my finest, but I was late for the school run and didn't think 6 year old Scarlett would find it an acceptable excuse for Mummy not being there on time to pick her up. There was also no way they would last until I got home again, so it was a now or never situation!!! 

Keep up to date with all the other fab manis in the challenge and look out for the final day using this particular set of colours on Thursday :)