15 Nov 2012

Erica's Nails & More November Challenge - Day 5

Hello all, this is going to be really short and sweet. I have tonsillitis (don't remember it making me feel this ill as a kid but them's the breaks). As a result I have done virtually nothing nail-related for days - Shock Horror!!! I had one mani that someone had booked for a special occasion that couldn't be rescheduled but I had to push everyone else back a few days.

Anyway, I didn't want to fall behind in the challenge so I did some really simple half moons using China Glaze Spontaneous (a stunning purple) and graduated rhinestones. I was really hoping to do something a bit quirky for this day of the challenge but I'm just going to have to save it for a day when I have a steadier hand :/

The pics aren't great either and you can only just see the little challenge sign, but you can get the idea - I'm off to hide under a duvet until I feel better...

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