6 Mar 2014

NAILS Magazine 31DC Day 6 - Your favourite drink

Hello everyone! Post number two for today and time for my favourite drink. Please note that this is my favourite hot summer's day/out for the evening drink, and not my first thing in the morning through to the evening favourite drink! Now that's cleared up, on to the beer!!!

I thought that if I could find a shimmery amber-gold polish, the colour and effect would mostly take care of itself, and I found exactly what I needed with LA Colors Gold Nugget. Three coats of this to get it fully opaque and shimmering beautifully. I added a fluffy French tip for the beer foam using LA Colors French White. To finish, I dotted some white bubbles, then wiped the dotter and added some pressure to the white to allow the gold to show through the centre of each bubble.

These have made me so thirsty, especially with the weather turning warm and almost Spring-like! Definitely time to dust down the grill and get some beers on ice for the weekend! 

Next up for this challenge is "Favourite Sports Team". Given the grudge match that will be playing out in my house over the weekend when England play Wales in the 6 Nations Rugby on Sunday, I don't think there will be any surprises with my next mani :)

Sam xx


  1. wow, your nails look lovely!
    I really like this manicure, and the bright gold colour looks beautiful on your nails :)

    Xx Julia

    1. Thanks Julia! I've had this colour for ages but this is the first chance I've had to use it for nail art :)