7 Mar 2014

NAILS Magazine 31DC March Day 7 - Your Favourite Sports Team

Hello everyone! This prompt couldn't have come at a better time as we're currently in the middle of the 6 Nations rugby and I love my rugby! I used to be a football girl (please note that's its called football, not soccer. Our game came first and we named it :p), but I got so disillusioned with the idiots that play the game that I've all but given up on it. Rugby is always a bit contentious in our house though as my husband is Welsh and I'm English. Welshmen can get a bit precious about their rugby and despite the fact that Scott is usually the most laid back person ever - that all changes during a Wales game. And Wales vs England? W o w... Anyway, I decided to go full patriot ;)

I started with a French White base and added the England flag to my pinky using striping tape and LA Colors Red Carnation. On my middle finger I copied the England RFU rose logo using LA Colors Moody Red,  Red Carnation and MAC Vintage Vamp. The stalk and leaves are brought to you courtesy of two different shades of Sharpie! I finished with the RFU initials on the thumb, drawn in with a black Sharpie.

So, spare a thought for me this weekend whether England win or not. I will either have a gloating husband or a grumpy one, neither of which particularly appeal to me!!! I'm hoping to start feeling better this weekend from this eye infection too, and a win will certainly set me up nicely!

Enjoy your weekend wherever you are and whoever you support!

Sam xx


  1. Apparently our house has to support Wales in a Wales v England match even though hubby is only half Welsh. *shrug* I just like the thick thighs and nice bums. ;)

    1. As a concession I wear a sheep hat. I managed to subconsciously learn the rules of rugby while looking at thighs and bums. Its a hard life... ;)