12 Mar 2014

FingerFood's Guest Posts - Jeanette from Jeanette-ically Manicured

Hello everyone! Today we have a guest post that I am totally bowled over by - I adore this!!! Jeanette from Jeanette-ically Manicured has some gorgeous designs on her blog and she produced several of my favourite Valentines manis this year! Enjoy! Sam xx

Hey! I'm Jeanette from Jeanette-ically Manicured (#nerdalert) and I'm I'm so excited to be guest posting! And very honored to do this for Sam who introduced me to one of my favorite mani patterns of all time. (I tried to imitate it, it went poorly AND I forgot to photograph it. But I'll try again eventually.) I haven't guest posted before and I really wanted to do this post justice. I've been pretty proud of my roses lately so I thought I'd take it up another notch and add acetone to make a watercolor roses mani. The basic idea is painting normal roses, and then dipping a small brush in acetone and gently removing some of the polish to give the roses a watercolor look.

watercolor roses nails technique

I love the result like crazy! I tried to google the method and I couldn't find anything quite like it. I can find watercolor nails where people use drips of acetone to make drops of polish look like watercolors and I've done that before and enjoyed the results, more or less. And then when you look for "watercolor roses", you just get painted roses. This is totes different!

watercolor roses manicure technique

Since I'm doing this post for Sam, I'm going to do it right. Look, I wrote down which polishes I used! The base is Revlon Blue Lagoon, a lovely sky blue with a shimmer in it, the roses are made with a red creme from Pure Ice called Siren, lowlights added in a burgundy creme from Wet n Wild called Haze of Love and then black with China Glaze Liquid Leather. I threw some leaves on there with Fingerpaints Go Van Gogh and Revlon Brilliant Strength Entice.  


I'll be creating a tutorial about how to make these at some point and putting it here. Hopefully I have it up by the time Sam posts this! I did these the Sunday after Valentines' Day, so I had a lovely bouquet of red roses from my boyfriend and since this manicure features red roses, I got all artsy with it. He likes it when I do artsy things (I think), so it was a double whammy of adorable to be all artsy with his roses.

watercolor roses manicure technique
watercolor roses manicure technique

I hope you enjoyed these and I hope you enjoy the tutorial! --Jeanette  



  1. Oh wow these look amazing! Very delicate and vintage looking, I love them!

    1. Aren't they stunning? Jeanette did an amazing job! I can't wait to try this technique :)

  2. Eep! I have been so behind lately, but the tutorial is now live!