12 Mar 2014

NAILS Mag 31DC March Day 12 - Rainbow (A new glitter bomb!)

Hello everyone! You may notice that I skipped a day of the 31DC yesterday! Well, the prompt was purple and I have combined that one with the GOT polish purple prompt for tomorrow. It will also cover my "Dots and Stripes" for FingerFood's Theme Buffet prompt this week. I am operating at the highest possible efficiency lol :)

First though we have rainbows! I jumped at the chance to create another glitter bomb with my L-A Glitter Nails polishes, so starting with a white base, I painted in the rainbow using Lemon, Carrot, Grape, Sapphire, Peacock and Apple. For a little extra detail, I dotted Nail Essentials Silver Shimmer along each colour divide.

Nothing like an understated mani, eh? ;) I'm loving the super bright designs at the moment in case you hadn't noticed - they're really cheering me up! I've designated the rest of today a drawing/painting and Xbox day to complete the package. I'm on antibiotics which are making me feel horrible so I'm having a "feeling sorry for myself so its all about me" day :)

I'll be back with another guest post for you later today and the three prompt mani tomorrow! 

Sam xx


  1. Lovely colors and vibrant I love the pattern too makes me happy to see bright colors too great job hope you feel better soon xx

    1. Thanks Dawn! I'm going to carry on with the brights and neons until I feel better :D xx

  2. Replies
    1. It certainly does! Glad to be of service!!! ;)

  3. All those bright colours are perfect for this summer!!
    Thanks for sharing this pretty manicure with us ;)

    Xx Julia