6 Mar 2014

GOT Polish Challenge - Skittles!

Hello everyone! Its Skittles week in the Golden Oldie Thursday challenge which makes for a very happy Sam! I love having an excuse to get random!

I also felt the need to use some clashy colours, so this post comes with a "May need sunglasses" advisory :)

I started with Barry M Gelly Prickly Pear as my base and then added in dots, heart flowers (Hey, why not? Its skittles!), stripes, leopard print and a hybrid zebra/tiger using LA Colors Hottie and Barry M Gelly Blackberry.

Next week our theme is "Purple". Wondering now why I didn't look at next week's prompt in advance! Not to worry, I think I have bought more purple polishes over the years than anything else, so finding some different ones for next week shouldn't be too hard!

I will be back with a fun post for you later today as its "Your favourite drink" day in the NAILS Mag 31DC - can't wait to share that one :)

In the meantime, check out all the other skittles on show from Crumpet's Nail Tarts today...

Sam xx


  1. This colour combination is so pretty! I wouldn't normally put orange and purple together but this has turned out so well! The heart flowers are so nice! :)

  2. Thanks! Sometimes I feel the need for a clash and it doesn't work out so well, but this time I think I got away with it :)

  3. so beautifully bright - purple and orange shouldn't go, but somehow they do! xx