25 Feb 2013

February Nail Art Challenge Day 9 - Recreate your Favourite

Its the last day of the challenge! Already! I seriously cannot believe how quickly this has passed, although when i think back on the first couple of manis it does feel like I did them ages ago (I obviously have some kind of time distortion going on at the moment - probably something to do with refusing to get old and therefore ignoring the passage of time!).

Anyway, the theme for the last day is "Recreate your Favourite". I'm always really nervous about recreating other people's manis (don't want them to think that I haven't done them justice!) so I try to stick to my own. Don't know why I feel that way as I'd be stoked if someone recreated mine but there I go again using the blog as therapy so I'll stop there ;)

Terminally indecisive Sammy thought about which nails to recreate for a long time, then she decided to try one of everything (using the new colours bought at the weekend) and decide from there. Did that work? Nope... 

So, I ended up with a skittley, mix and match selection of my favourites - Inspired by a Tutorial (snakeskin), Glitter Loaded (stained glass), Polka Dots, Inspired by a Pattern (Camo) and Half Moons. 

The colours used were LA Colors French White, Solar Gold, Metallic Silver and Black Pearl (with a hint of Color Club Gold and Silver Glitter on the stained glass nail).

I've enjoyed this challenge soooooo much and a massive thanks to Erica for hosting another memorable month :D

I'll be back with fashion-inspired manis for March both here and on Facebook using prints and designs from Spring/Summer 2013 collections as inspiration. If any of you would like to join me, please do feel free to post your nails on my Facebook wall or tweet me @fingerfoodnails :)