1 Mar 2013

My first "Inspired by Robin Moses" nail art!!!

The February challenge is over and March is here. Yay for Spring (and happy St David's day to my Welsh husband and the rest of his countrymen...), but mostly yay for Spring! I'll take it as a positive that the sun was out briefly this morning and that its raining instead of snowing ;)

I have been a fan of Robin Moses for the longest time. Even before I considered picking up a dotting tool or a striper brush I watched her YouTube videos with awe at how somebody could be that talented and come up with such a huge range of perfectly executed nail art. That hasn't changed but over the last couple of years I've picked up those brushes and tools, collected an obscene amount of polishes and started to carve out a career for myself in the world of nails and nail art.

However, despite all this (and the fact that Robin's videos inspired me to even try), I realized that I've never actually followed one of her tutorials to create a design - duh! I'm happy to report that this has now been rectified. This tutorial for "Elegant Blue Tentacles" popped up in my YouTube subscriptions and I was all over it! 

I used slightly different colours and stuck to using all polish instead of using any acrylic. The base colour is Barry M Nude with Barry M Navy for the accent nail base and French tips. I then added teh tentacles in Color Club Pucci-licious, accented with Sally Hansen HD in DVD and added dots in LA Colors Sea Foam. All finished with a liberal coat of Seche Vite, et voila!

Robin has awesome tutorials on YouTube and shares her work on Facebook and Twitter. Go check out her amazing work, spread the word and have a go!!!

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