21 Jul 2014

No H8. Again. FFS.

As some of you will have noticed, I'm not blogging much at the moment. I'm still kind of active on IG but that's about it for now.

Well, events of the last week have pissed me off so much that I'm blogging about it, even when I don't want to blog. Minor language alert ahead for those of you who may be offended - but its my blog, so my rules).

Once again, nameless,  faceless trolls are trying to ruin things for everybody. I didn't go and visit the Pinterest board in question, mainly because I've learned it's best for me to step away from these situations, but the level of idiocy shown by these people (which I saw on screenshots from some of the targeted bloggers) really got on my tits. 

I may well have been on there. Sometimes I still cannot be arsed to clean up, especially if I've spent a lot of time on the design. I have a daughter, house, job and separate business to run so ensuring I've always perfectly "coloured within the lines" doesn't really top my list of priorities and I was under the impression that this nail "thing" was meant to be fun. Also, early doors I found it impossible to keep polish off my cuticles and some days (usually after a night out) I still do. And guess what? I don't care. Plus (Shock! Horror!), I'm one of these weird people who thinks that if you can't appreciate nail art because of a bit of overspill, or can't offer words of encouragement to someone putting themselves out there and showing you their journey to becoming awesome at nail art, then you're a waste of time, space and energy and can fuck right off. I have better things to do with my life.

I'm taking this opportunity to show you a polish I adore. This is Quirk Send Him To 'Belize'. Kerrie is an awesome lady who made awesome polish. I say "made" as someone with the same mentality as the aforementioned trolls led to Quirk being no more. And look at what we're all now missing out on (please note my cuticles are a little dry and I'm not apologizing, because I don't care and neither should you)...

For fuck's sake people - ITS ONLY NAIL POLISH. How can anyone feel threatened enough by anything to do with this so called "community" that they feel the urge to have a pop at people they don't know via the anonymity of the internet, or to try and take down someone's growing business in the name of lacquer??? Maybe all the trolls' polish contains too much toluene and its gone to their heads...

Rant over. Hopefully I'll be back with something new and pretty for you soon :)

Sam xx


  1. Belize looks awesome on you. Well, tbh I think it looks awesome on anyone. It's just beautiful.

  2. Thank you so much for your post! Belize looks lovely on you! Trust me I wish I was still making polish too!

  3. Wow, that glitter looks awesome!

  4. Amazing polish! Great that so many are speaking out against the few internet idiots x

  5. Your cuticles are dry? I wish mine were dry like yours!

  6. Sam what a brilliant post! well said hun! couldn't have put it better myself! :) xx