20 Apr 2014

Who wants chocolate for Easter? Give me polish any day! Picture (and word) heavy!

Hello everyone! And Happy Easter! I've deliberately steered away from doing Easter manis this year, I just can't get excited about all the pastels, eggs and chicks this time round. Plus I have been so busy with the school holidays and other things that I just haven't had time to get ahead, which might've allowed me to fit a couple in, so I'll just have to get my fix from other people's awesome Easter creations!

Instead of chocolate (totally off it at the moment!), my lovely OH offered to buy me some polish and I decided to push my luck and see if he would buy me some of my most favourite brand. I've been a polish lover since I was little, but my obsession with polish as an adult started with my first Jessica. I bought Ruffled Bottoms (still one of my top five) about 5 years ago and from there it escalated rather quickly. Approximately 75 Jessicas later (:/), and with so many lower priced brand options available for a quick polish fix, I couldn't justify them to myself the way I always had, so now they are a treat (or a necessity if I need to replace empties). 

I chose four and here they are:

I'm starting with Color Me Calla Lily. I'm not really into pinks, but this one had always been on my hit list as my daughter's middle name is Calla, so it was meant to be :) It is a creamy pink with a lavender grey undercurrent running through it that mutes the pink slightly. It also fits the Radiant Orchid brief for this year so I'm surprisingly "on trend" for once! This was two coats - I adore the formula and needed virtually no clean up. This is without top coat too.

Next up is Banana Peel. I HAD to have this colour, despite the fact that I knew it was going to make my skin look horrific. It really is the colour of a peeled banana (I had saved one for a clever prop, but someone in my household was evidently peckish and it vanished mysteriously). The photos show three coats, again without top coat.

Third we have Radioactive, a super bright lime green. Another one I had to have! The formula on this was a little thinner than the rest, but it was still opaque at three coats and I love that these polishes dry so quickly without help. I'm on a bit of a green mission at the moment (there may be some colour specific posts coming up if I remember to do them lol), and this is a gorgeous addition to my "leaf detail" colours for nail art.

Last but by no means least we have Surfer Boyz n' Berry. I think I have finally found my Tiffany box colour. It has exactly the right tone but is a tad lighter. It has a gorgeous creamy finish and was opaque in two coats. Not that it should make any difference but I adore the name too :)

As you all know I am in no way a polish snob (I adore my 99p bottles of LA Colors and am always pitching them to everyone!), but no other brand gives me the sense of excitement that I get from buying a bottle of polish from Jessica. I can't really explain why - many brands have fab colours, awesome formulas, pretty packaging etc, but Jessica just does it for me. Always has, and always will...

Sam xx

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