9 Sept 2013

The Nail Challenge Collaborative presents "Technique" month! #1

Hello everyone! Its starting to look like summer is well and truly over here in London. Today is the first day that its been too cold to open up my garden doors and sit out on the patio with my laptop! I'll be honest, I'm gutted!!!

Anyway, this month sees Technique month for the Nail Challenge Collaborative! I've decided that I would like to try 4 new techniques for this, but depending on how frustrating it becomes, that may change!!!

I've started with a new way of painting flowers. I dot a lot of my flowers, and paint roses fairly frequently, but this time I've gone for a simple single brush stroke technique using Rimmel Sunshine, Color Club Bright Night and LA Colors Hottie and Electra over a white base. I striped one nail just for a little variety :)

I really like the way that a single brush stroke can create such a textured feel. It is so simple to do but I really love the way it looks!

So that's technique number 1 - I'll be back soon with my second for the month, and there may be some bling involved... :)


  1. I actually wish summer would slow down a bit here. It's gonna be in the 80's all week. No A/C in my car or house is never fun!

  2. Love this! I am with the other commenter...I am out in Cali and it's hot, hot with no fall in sight...I will be in shorts and sandals for another good 2 months...no fall manis for me!