31 Aug 2013

NCC Around the World month #4 - A European Road Trip

Hello everyone! So I managed to make it through this Around the World month! Only by the skin of my teeth as today is the deadline, but I made it nevertheless :)

I painted these at the very beginning of the month while I was thinking of ideas -  I was hoping to come up with something else for my fourth mani, but time and ideas were not on my side so you receive part of my life story in flags!

As many of you know, I'm English, so that explains the England flag on my thumb nail (French White with Barry M Gelly Blood Orange). On my ring finger is the flag of Malta. My first husband was Maltese and we spent a lot of our 13 year relationship over there. That also makes my daughter half Maltese and so we still cook a lot of Maltese food and head back to the island whenever we can. For this flag I used the same red and white, but added in Sally Hansen Wet Cement for the grey. 
Next up on my middle finger is Italy, another place that I have spent a lot of time over the years. Its close to Malta, and it was always nice to visit different parts of Italy on our way to or from there. The green in the flag is Sinful Colors Exotic Green. Germany is on my index finger. I started visiting Germany when I was about 11, but fell in love with Munich in my early 20s and we used to visit friends and family over there about once a month over about 5 or 6 years. Last but not least, France on my pinky finger! When I was little, it was THE place to go on holiday - sunny, hot, great food and culture, but not too far away from home for us. I have fond memories of family holidays all over the country, and that completes my collection :)

Excuse all the waffle, but I thought I should explain my selection! I've tried to be as succinct as possible!!! Next month the Nail Challenge Collaborative presents "Techniques". If there is a particular technique that you would like to see me have a go at, or one that you would like me to show, leave a comment below. In the meantime, check out all the other fabulous international manis by following the links below :)

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