11 Sept 2013

A quick Lemon Leopard!

Hello everyone! A quick post for you today! I needed to get my nails done really quickly and wanted something eye catching. I went with my go-to leopard print but wanted to share the colour combination that I went for!

I started with a white base to make the Rimmel Sunshine really pop, then I added the Leopard print using Barry M Gelly Guava and Color Club Blue-Topia (a deliciously inky dark blue) and topped with Seche Vite :)

From now on, these will be called my Lemonous Leopard nails as a little tribute to my daughter, who at the age of 7 loves Alice Cooper (yay!). But when she first started singing along to "Poison", she misheard the word "venomous" and sang "lemonous". This has now become a household word :)

Lots of exciting things coming up, more Techniques for the NCC, four new manis for the Tri Polish challenge starting next week, catch up posts for the ABC challenge (which I am still committed to finishing!) and the new 33 day challenge starting at the end of September! Watch this space - its going to be a busy autumn!!! :)


  1. Love this color combination!

  2. its so incredibly bright, i agree with the comment above haha!