22 Aug 2013

Tri Polish Challenge August Day 2 - Lurid Leopard Print!

Hello again everyone! Another Thursday and another installment of the Tri Polish Challenge :) This month's colours are yellow (Rimmel Sunshine), green (Barry M Gelly Key Lime) and red (Ciate Mistress). I've kept this design simple as Tuesday's mani was quite time-consuming and I'm still working on school holiday hours (ie, when Scarlett will let me have some time to myself!!! Only two more weeks to go!)

So, I started with a base of Key Lime and dotted on spots of Sunshine, which I surrounded with Mistress to create the leopard print pattern :)

I would NEVER have put these colours together for leopard print if it hadn't been for this challenge, and in fairness, I probably never will again! However, I do like the lurid colour clashes and this colour combo makes the leopard print look almost floral, so there are some positives!!! I'll be back next week with August's number three mani - in the meantime, check out everyone else's challenge manis following the links below :D


  1. it almost looks floral too :) I'd never have done these 3 colours together either! love it!

  2. nice color combo (: nicely done (: