25 May 2013

Holo croc nails (and my 100th post!)

Hello everyone! I've not been posting much this week - mostly because I loved that glitter bomb mani that I painted on Wednesday so much, I really don't want to take it off! Luckily I had a couple of sets of nails in reserve for this kind of thing, so its one of these I'm sharing with you today :)

This post also marks my 100th blog post. I half-heartedly started my blog last year with very occasional posts - I mostly used it for my first few challenges, but over the last couple of months, productivity has gone up somewhat ;) and now I'm posting around every other day (give or take!). Reading other people's blogs and writing this one (including all the associated nail painting, photo taking, cropping, editing, watermarking and then writing!), now takes up a significant part of my day. I thought that once I started working on nails all day that my passion for painting my own would diminish, but luckily that hasn't hapened so far, and I enjoy being part of a community full of artistic people with the same interest, so yay to all of us :D

So these nails were for a night out a little while back. I didn't have a lot of time so was going to do some quick and easy animal print, but I didn't fancy my default leopard or zebra. Instead I went for croc! I started with 3 coats of Color Club Fashion Addict (a subtle holo), then used a fine detail brush to add in the croc effect with LA Color Black Velvet. Sealed in with Seche Vite and they were good to go :)

Spot the deliberate mistake! ^^^^ lol

I like this look so much that I did them again, this time with the black over Jessica Blushing Princess

It was so quick and easy that I think I'll be doing this a lot. I quite fancy trying it with some clashy colour combinations too, or maybe some metallics??? Meh, maybe all of them. I'll do a top 10 croc post ;)

See you soon with the next installment of the ABC Challenge being hosted by Erica's Nails and More. Enjoy your weekend whatever you're doing :D

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