2 May 2013

A no-tape metallic Chevron French

Hello everyone! Happy to report that the sun is shining and I'm in a much better mood than yesterday - my holiday is getting closer and I'm working on ignoring the things that are pissing me off so we're all good!

I painted these nails at the weekend. I knew I wanted a Chevron French but the colour scheme was sketchy ;) I settled on a selection of LA Colors metallics, and a base of Lush Lavender. I then free handed a Chevron with Metallic green (a beautiful sea green which doesn't show up too well in the pics unfortunately!), then added a blue Chevron using Wired and   purple to the tips in Morning Glory.

I would normally use tape for nails like this, but I really didn't have time so I tried winging it. I'm happy with it. It meant I had pretty nails for the weekend without the mess of tape etc, and gave me a chance to practice my freehand skills. The colours appeared a lot deeper in reality, but the metallic throws it off for photos, still you get the general idea :)

I'm still working on bridal nails and ideas for my portfolio, sooooo busy but its all good - have a great day people!!!

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