5 Apr 2013

Girly Girl Challenge Day 2 - Gimme That Bling!

Hello again lovelies! I'm back with this week's theme for the Girly Girl challenge, and this week we're doing Gimme That Bling. The strap line for this was "Diamonds are a girl's best friend". I took that theme and ran with it! 

I spent a lot of time looking at glitter topcoats, or maybe using a couple of rhinestones or Swarovski crystals, but just couldn't achieve anything that I felt was blingy enough. So I Figured I'd use a lot of them, if not all...

I started with a coat of LA Colors Metallic Silver too allow for any gaps, and then added 2mm clear crystal rhinestones by placing them one by one into the wet top coat.

This is the least practical set of nails that I have ever done on myself, but they certainly have the wow factor! I was pretty pleased with their staying power too, as I kept them on for the rest of the day and all stones stayed in place (included cooking dinner, helping with homework, laundry etc). My only problem now is that Scarlett wants her nails like this (at least 6 year old nails are smaller I guess!)...

Next week's theme is "Delicate and Elegant". Think I might break out the stamps for the first time in months for this one :)


  1. So pretty!! I love it! Adding that silver polish under the stones was a great idea.

  2. Thank you! Adding the silver polish definitely helps with any spacing issues!!! Its a lesson I'm glad I've learned for the future :D

  3. when i saw this it was like someone hit the jackpot in vegas! ting ting ting! :)

    1. Haha! Thanks! I was only going to add a couple of lines but then I couldn't stop!!! Obviously my nails are telling me I need to go back to Vegas - wonder if my husband will buy that as a reason ;)