7 Apr 2013

ABC Challenge - Day 2 "B"

And so we're back with the second week of the ABC Challenge! Doesn't take a genius to work out that this week's theme is the letter "B" ;). It can be either a nail art style, polish colour or polish brand. I'm trying to come up with a nail art style each week (not possible for me 100% of the time, but I'm trying!) and if I can include a colour that matches the letter, like last week, then I will!

So, for "B", I went for Butterfly! I started with a gradient of Color Club Daisy Does It! and Wing Fling and added the black detail with LA Colors Black Velvet. In the past I've always added the dots in white (the traditional way!), but this time I decided to match them to the gradient so used Wing Fling and Sparkle and Soar over some white (to make them show up on the black).

I love the first picture with the flash! I wish I could've kept these nails on, but with so many challenges, and with having Scarlett home from school for the holidays (plus a parade of her 6 year old friends who want playdate nails - I love it really!), I'm desperately trying to get ahead of myself :) See you all next week for "C" :D


  1. Not sure how I missed these beauties, but they are just darling! I love that vibrant contrast between those pretty orangey golds and the black. So pretty :)