29 Apr 2013

A quick Scotch tape explosion :)

Helloooo! Thank goodness Monday is nearly over here. It has been a overly busy and very frustrating day so I'll be glad to see the back of it!

This morning I had time to do my nails before my first client and I finally got round to playing with Scotch tape! I've seen a lot of these comic-style "explosion" nails on Pinterest and on Google and finally decided to give it a try :)

I started with two coats of LA Colors Moody Red and let it dry completely. I then used triangles of Scotch tape to create the shape and filled it in with LA Colors Metallic Silver. Once that was dry, I repeated with LA Colors Black Velvet. A liberal top coat of Seche Vite and I was done :)


Here's a pic before the black was added:

That's it for today! I'l be back tomorrow with a metallic chevron French that I've been saving since the weekend ;) Promise to be in a better mood too... lol

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