19 Feb 2013

February Nail Art Challenge Day 7 - Inspired by a Tutorial

Hello again! Day 7 of the challenge and I found this the most challenging! Mostly because I really wanted to try and find a tutorial for something that I hadn't tried before. When I started out on my nail art journey I made a point of working my way through any and every tutorial I could find, so I had to go on a massive Google trawl (I know, hard job but someone's got to do it eh? lol).

Anyway, my continuing obsession with animal print led me to finding a YouTube tutorial by Raquel at LOVE4NAILS. Click here to link to the tutorial. I hadn't tried snakeskin print and although Raquel uses some acrylic paint in the video, she points out that its just as easy with polish (the clean up just takes a little longer!).

I started with a base of Sally Hansen Time To Shine, sponged on Barry M Copper and LA Colors Cactus over some old fishnet tights, then sponged LA Colors Black Velvet over some fine tulle material over the top of that. A liberal coat of Seche Vite, et voila! Snakeskin nails :)

I am so in love with these and can't wait to try them in different colour combinations! Polka dots up next. I'm sad that we're getting towards the end of the challenge now - I've enjoyed this so much!!!


  1. Way cool! Looks so awesome and realistic <3

  2. This turned out so AWESOME! This would be one of those mani's that I wouldn't be able to take my eyes off of :)

  3. Thank you so much ladies! I'm at the point where I really have to take it off to do the polka dots but I so don't want to!!! :D