24 Jan 2013

Valentines + Leopard Print = Happy Sammy!

I'm actually posting two days running. Outside of challenges I've already broken a record - go me!!!

Anyway, people have been starting to book appointments for Valentine's and some clients are giving me free reign with the designs (probably not the wisest thing for anyone to do!) so I've been painting and drawing up ideas all afternoon :)

As discussed yesterday, leopard print is one of my great loves - its my "go to" design and it can look so different depending on the colour combination and style and size of the "spots" that I never get bored. 

So... combine Valentines and leopard print and what do you get??? 

Its only the prototype (lol!) but I have a feeling that I'm going to be rocking this look for the foreseeable future! I used Color Club Oooooo La La for the base, with Barry M Blood Orange and Color Club Rebel Spirit for the spots.

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