10 Sept 2014

The Digit-al Dozen does the Terrific Twos! Sapphires!

Hello everyone! Day 3 of the Digit-al Dozen week and our theme is Sapphires. Its the birthstone for September and seeing as we're celebrating the group's birthday, it seems fitting.

I will say though that I found this the hardest theme of the week - I just couldn't get inspired by it. Which is why in the end I just went full bling over a base of Nail Essentials Silver Shimmer with light and dark sapphire rhinestones.

Its not the most imaginative, but it sure does sparkle!

Back tomorrow with Day 4 - check out the other beautiful DD sapphire manis following the link below and don't forget to check out our amazing giveaway if you haven't already!!! :)

Sam xx


  1. It's like a blue rainbow for your nails! I don't think I'd have enough patience to put on all those gemstones!

  2. So gorgeous! Love the sapphire rhinestones!

  3. I love that you did a design with the stones instead of them being randomly placed!