2 May 2014

The Nail Challenge Collaborative presents "Skittles" - A Neon Skittlette

Hello everyone! Following on from my oh so serious post earlier today, normal service is somewhat resumed now with the first of my NCC manis for May. I was thrilled when I found out that this month's theme was Skittles (so much so that I have three of the four done already, which is unheard of!). I'm starting with a skittlette and a bit of LA Colors neon :)

The middle and ring fingers were painted with a base of LA Colors French White, with the leopard print dotted on using Absolute, Spat!, Mint, Flicker and Black Velvet. I freehanded the stripes on to my index finger with Black Velvet, French White and Absolute and used more of the black and white to complete the dotted design on the thumb and little finger. 

So there you have number one! And on the 2nd of the month - go me!!!

As I explained in my previous post, I won't be posting on the blog over weekends from now on,
there may be a few bits and pieces on the "quickfire" sites, but I will be back next week hopefully feeling all renewed and full of sunshine, joy, kittens and candy floss (if that turns out to be true then you won't recognize me lol!). I also have a giveaway coming up very soon that I know you'll want to check out :)

Have a fabulicious weekend!

Sam xx