24 Mar 2014

The NCC presents "Untrieds" and NAILS Mag 31DC "Your newest polish"

Hello everyone! Today I have a double post for you as the prompts for the NCC and the NAILS Mag 31DC cross over - yay!!!

I recently took advantage of Kleancolor sale and managed to pick up some neons and a glitter for £1 each. I hadn't bought Kleancolor polishes before and couldn't decide which to use, so in true FingerFood tradition, I used all of them! I also couldn't decide which pattern to do so I did a few of those as well and created another skittlette. This mani can pretty much be summed up with this picture- it also comes with a sunglasses advisory...

I colour blocked my thumb and little finger nails with tape and filled in the gaps with Neon Yellow, Neon Pink and two Neon Purples (they are meant to be the same colour but there had been a problem with one batch and it was lighter than the other purples - I liked it anyway!). I used the Neon Yellow as a base for the middle and ring fingers and then painted bubbly/dotty/spotty shapes using all the other colours (over a bit of white to keep the colours clean - spot the unintentional pun?!). For the index finger, I painted City Never Sleeps over Neon Purple and then glued it all together with Seche Vite :)

Okay so its a bit mad/random, but that's not necessarily a bad thing! I think it works in a quirky, bright kind of way and I got to showcase all my new Kleancolor polishes in one go!

I am super excited to show you tomorrow's mani - its another double prompt post for Tri Polish Tuesdays and Nails Mag 31DC. Its a different kind of design style for me but I am hoping you're all going to like it - you won't need protective eyewear to look at it either, promise!

Sam xx


  1. Oh those came out SO well! Did you have a smell problem with your Kleancolors? I have a handful of their glitter/metallics, and they all smell, some worse then others, but generally more then most. It's part of the reason I don't use them as often.

    1. Thank you! The smell is horrible - I was hoping it was just because they're neons :( I'll probably put up with it for £1 per bottle though!!! :)

  2. Holy funtastic! Love em! Love the combo of circles vs colorblocks, and it's a gorgeous palette, even if it's stinky!