24 Nov 2013

The Nail Challenge Collaborative presents "Your Favourite Colour" #4

Hello everyone! Today I have my fourth and final NCC mani for November. Our theme for this month has been "Your Favourite colour" - so far I have picked blues and purples, so thought I should go for something a bit different. I picked Jessica Irridescent Eye, then realized describing it as a colour wasn't going to be the easiest task. Its gold, but moves from pale all the way through to intense yellow gold, and has a green/blue duochrome shift too.

You can get it to full coverage at two coats, but I use three to make the most of the duochrome effect. I then painted on some black abstract sections and dots for contrast.

I then realized that there was something else I should have thought of before I picked this "favourite" colour - it's a total b*tch to photograph. Especially on dull, wintry London days... I did the best I could by photographing it underwater and you can just about see how it's supposed to look.

So, that's it for the NCC November collection! We're doing something a little different for December and not going with Christmas - instead our theme will be "Inspired by Art". I am very excited (if a little daunted!) by this, but I am looking forward to the challenge, so stay tuned to see my very steep learning curve!!! :)