26 Sept 2013

Tri Polish Challenge September #4 - I made it!!!

Hello everyone! Today's post is the last mani for the September Tri Polish Challenge and is brought to you through sheer stubbornness and determination! To cut a long story short we are having some structural problems with our house and cannot have it evaluated by an engineer until next Monday. We had a new major problem appear suddenly late last night and I had to move my daughter over to my parents house then and there as we weren't sure if it was safe for her to stay in her room :(

As a result I've kept her home from school today, and so for several reasons, nails weren't high on my list of priorities! However, thanks to "Despicable Me", the minions are keeping Scarlett entertained while I distract myself from this nightmare with nails and my last September mani.

I started with a French White base and then painted flowers on with a detail brush, using a single stroke for each petal in my 3 chosen colours for the month, Nail Essentials Classic Pink and Models Own Feeling Blue and Lilac Dream. I then dotted some black and silver in the centre to finish and topped with Seche Vite. Here are the pics:

These are very not me, but I like them and they are not the most labour intensive nails which works for me right now!!! I fully intend to be back tomorrow with my tape mani for the 33DC, but please bear with me if it doesn't come in on time!

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