6 Jun 2013

NCC Neon Month - Vintage with a twist...

Hello everyone! Sorry about the lack of posts lately - I'm getting nervous about the minor surgery I'm having at the weekend and it has totally wiped out all my inspiration. Luckily, I found it again when I found out I was able to join the Nail Challenge Collaborative. There is a theme set for each month and during that month, we each have to complete 4 sets of nails. 

I am so happy to say that the theme for my first month with the NCC is Neon! As all of you know I love neon, and I'm lucky enough to have almost the full range of LA Colors neons, so I'll be using those :)

As I said before, I have been struggling with inspiration this week, but I wanted to start with a design that wouldn't normally be painted in neon colours. I was washing my daughter's Cath Kidston tea set and Boom! There was the idea... (please note that the tea set was not affect by the aforementioned boom... ;)

I started with a base of Nina Ultra Pro French White and then added roses using LA Colors Hottie (neon coral), Absolute (neon pink) and a little more white. The leaves are painted with Mint (neon green) and Flicker (neon yellow). I then finished the design by adding polka dots in Aquatic (neon blue) and topped with Seche Vite.

Neon is so hard to photograph! I took these in direct sunlight and tried to avoid a huge amount of editing, but the pictures really don't do justice to how bright these colours are (imagine the neon brightness turned up to 11!)...

I am so happy to be part of this group of talented ladies - check out all their designs using the links below :)

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