12 Feb 2013

LA Colors Polish Haul Swatches


I have been on a no-buy for the longest time - literally driving myself nuts! Anyway, I was actually out of black nail polish. Down to the last drop. Not good! 

So I popped to a small local beauty store that sells LA Colors as I can get their Black Velvet for 99p and its the best cheap black I've come across, and what did they do to me? They had a great big display full of lovely new neons right in my face. How dare they??? 

 Well, obviously it would've been rude not to (especially as they were all 99p each too), so here's what I bought:

Neon formulas (especially on cheap polishes) can be dodgy at the best of times but on the whole these were pretty good. I'll go into more detail with each colour...

The green is called Mint. Not the best name for a neon green but the colour pops and the formula was great. This was 3 coats and there is full opacity. Also applied like a dream :)

This is Aquatic. A beautiful cerulean blue. So bright and intense! I had full coverage at 2 coats but went for three just to be sure. Another great one to apply :)

This is Sea Foam. The picture really doesn't do it justice (its slightly greener in real life) and the name is perfect for it. This was just two coats and had a beautiful glossy finish.

This is Electra. I'm a sucker for neon purple/pinks. My favourite ever is Jessica Purple Burst and although this looks similar in the bottle, it doesn't really live up to the promise once its on the nail. But its still really pretty and for 99p I'm not complaining! It needed three full coats and was a little more watery than the others so far (but that does seem to be a common thing with neons of this colour).

This colour is Flicker. I will admit that when I first tried to read the name from the small print on the bottle I read something VERY different, btu the less said about that the better lol. Stunning bright neon yellow, definite greenish tinge, but would totally recommend applying this over white as even 4 coats didn't cover the visible nail line. Still good to work with and after a coat of white, only 2 coats were needed for a radioactive glow!

This orange is Spat! So bright it looks like its been made from a banned food colouring. I'm not a big orange fan but this one really stands out (and incidentally makes me want a Calippo). This is 2 coats only...

Finally we have the purple, called Edgy. Not that edgy really, but a very pretty, vibrant blackcurrant colour. Similar to the pink/purple in that the formula was a little thinner and therefore harder to work with, but still awesome.

So, there it is, my first haul of 2013. It may have been unintentional, but I'm happy! All the colours look great on their own, and they will all work in nail art. Plus with the promise of neons being so big this summer, I've got in early!!! ;)

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