27 Nov 2012

Erica's Nails and More November Challenge - Day 9

Day 9 post coming soon!!! The water marble is done (kinda), but its bedtime here in London and with a sick Scarlett I ran out of time. Watch this space... ;)

So here are the pics - and I finally have a reason why I have never been able to get a water marble to work. Apparently we have really hard tap water and that is a major problem! So happy as when things calm down a bit I can have a go using some bottled water. Anyway for now, here's another awful attempt. My index finger came out kinda ok, but it's still nothing to shout about lol...

Can't believe we're on the last day! I'm glad in some ways as time is running at an absolute minimum, but I'm going to miss having all the fab nail art from all the other participants to look at every couple of days...

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